25 May Summer is Here

It’s June, the summer season is here and the plants in our vegetable plot have started to produce their fruits: we have zucchini, cucumber, and strawberry, and soon we’ll have delicious sweet tomatoes, aubergine, red and green peppers, celery, green salad and much more. As a food addict for me this is a dream come true.


Also most of the restaurants are opening this month, with new recipes and new dishes on the menu, and of course we’ll have to try them all. I enjoy to observe when I go to restaurants and to dinner’s of friends. I love to taste and try new things. I’m always on the search of a new flavour, dish, aroma or spice. I love food and I love cooking, and I like to bring people together, because it makes me happy to see everyone enjoying my food and each others company.


Amoro Food is the result of my passion for both things, sharing food and friendship.


I cook Italian food, as well as Moroccan, Asian and food from the Middle East. Now that I live in Spain I’m learning about the Spanish kitchen and flavours, and I have integrated many products an flavours new to me, so I never get bored.


I’m looking forward to the summer: to long summer nights having dinners with friends in the house under our pergola; to making marmelades of the apricots and plums: or to go with the groups on boat tours or trekkings, to share with the visitors also the beauty and taste of our wonderful island.

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