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14 Apr The Ibiza Way

When the day starts in Ibiza, I try to imagine what it will be like. What is the new day going to bring us? Where will we be going this time and who will we meet?


Will it be another day crossing the island with our car, meeting our suppliers, our partners, the people from the hotels we work with? Plus the 100 things you do on top when you are trying to manage your own business; our new company Rockid Ibiza, founded to be a big platform where everyone can find the best outdoor experiences in Ibiza and Formentera. Or will it be a day in the field, taking a group on an excursion?


Then today I decide to take the day as it comes. After all, this is Ibiza. This is how we live and what we believe in. The customer is a new friend, and when we go on an excursion together, the time doesn’t count and the experience is all we care about.


We jump in our jeeps, we go off road and we go for a cliff diving experience. Or we sail around the island, combining water sports. What matters is the visitor and we are sharing the experience of the excursion as a big family. After all, it’s not so bad to be in the water in the summer when it’s hot!


Or one day someone offers us to try climbing, or fly boarding on turquoise waters, or free diving 20 metres deep. Of course we have to try all the activities we offer, and we don’t mind because we love the sea. In the end what counts is the flavour and the strong connection with the island, and that’s the feeling we want to pass to our customer.


This is why we became cliff divers, because we like to jump and go for it. And this is why Rockid was born, so everyone could share and enjoy what we love.


So, at the end of the day, it’s always a good day. The best day.

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